VTBC Supporters


Pete Vikesland, Associate Professor- Civil and Environmental Engineering.
David Trauger, Associate Dean- Graduate School.
Jeff Marion, Adjunct Professor- Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation.
Wolfgang Natter, Director- ASPECT.
Jonathan Cohen, Research Scientist- Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences.
Elizabeth Fine, Professor- Religion and Culture.
Tamim Younos, Research Professor & Associate Director- Geography & Water Resources Research Center.
Shepard Zedaker, Professor- Forestry.
Theo Dillaha, Professor- Biological Systems Engineering.
Robert Grisso, Professor- Biological Systems Engineering.
Linsey Marr, Associate Professor- Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Danny Reed, Lab Manager- Engineering Science and Mechanics.
Barbara Bekken, Assistant Professor- Geosciences.
Emily Satterwhite, Associate Professor- Religion and Culture.
Charles Walcott, Professor- Political Science.
Richard Rich, Professor- Political Science.
John Boyer, Instructor- Geography.
Paul Angermeier, Professor- Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences.
Kelly Belanger, Associate Professor- English.
Serena Frost, Instructor- English.
Robert Hull, Professor- Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation.
Charles Taylor, Director of Undergraduate Studies- Political Science.
Steven Salaita, Associate Professor- English.
Matthew Vollmer, Advanced Instructor- English.
Jeff Mann, Associate Professor- English.
Anita Puckett, Associate Professor- Religion and Culture.
Annie Pearce, Assistant Professor- Building Construction.
Karen Till, Associate Professor- Urban Affairs and Planning.
Reinhard Laubenbacher, Professor- Virginia Bioinformatics Institute.
Kay Edge, Associate Professor- Architecture.
John Little, Professor- Civil and Environmental Engineering.


Filipino American Student Organization. Jennifer Tabones, Public Relations Officer
Triathlon Team. Justin Morrison, President.
Environmental Coalition. Elena Dulys-Nusbaum, President.
Greeks Going Green. Lauren Moore, Co-President.
Natural Resources Recreation Society. Alex Darr, Officer.
Oxfam at Virginia Tech. Phillip Murillas, Secretary.
Mountain Justice. Jacob Johnson, President.
Sustainable Food Corps at VT. Kati Span, President.
Women’s Rugby. Tiara Hairston, President.
SUSTAIN. Erika Hansen, Student Leader.
Virginia Tech Crew Team. Barnett Trzcinski, President.
Emerging Green Builders. Adriane Colby, President.
Scuba Club. Katarina Engle, Vice President.
The Hoorah Cloggers. Shannon Enright, President.


Don Langrehr, Blacksburg Town Council.
Cecile Newcomb, Blacksburg Town Council.
John Bush, Blacksburg Town Council.
Leslie Hager-Smith, Blacksburg Town Council.
Susan Anderson, Blacksburg Town Council.
New River Voice. Tim Jackson, Editor.
Ceritano’s. Nino Ceritano, Owner.
Gillie’s. Ranea Gillie- Owner.
Hokie Spokes. Dave Abraham, Owner.
Capone’s Fine Jewerly. Aisha Mitchell, Manager.
Mad Dog. Dorothy Esser, Owner.
Bollo’s. Ranae Gillie.
She-Sha Café. John Gaskins, General Manager.
Xanadu. Robert Ruble.
John’s Camera Corner/Gentry’s Studio of Blacksburg.
Sustainable Blacksburg. Jacquelyn Pontious, Programs Coordinator.
Dave Britt. Citizens First, President.


Aaron Barr, Class of 2005.
Alok Bhandari.
Heather Booher.
Kirk Brandt, Class of 1986.
Andrea Brandt.
Dominique Bunai, Class of 2007.
Adam Daniel, Class of 2000.
Zachary Doerzaph, Class of 2009.
Stacy Drew.
Heather FitzGerald, Class of 2005.
Zachary Fletchall, Class of 2009.
Mark Greenwood, Class of 2005.
Ian Hall, Class of 2007.
Rachel Hamilton, Class of 2009.
Blair Harrington.
Christopher Harris.
Matthew H. Hepler, Class of 1980.
Allison Jarnagin, Class of 2007.
Nathan Johnson, Class of 2008.
Nina Korzeniewski.
Gina Om, Class of 2008.
Sarah Orellana, Class of 2006.
Jaime Pawlak, Class of 2008.
Mary Puglisi.
Laura Puglisi, Class of 2009.
James Puglisi, Sr.
Timothy Puglisi, Class of 2005.
Timothy Puglisi.
Caroline Ryan.
Jessie Schwartz, Class of 2008.
Anthony Seay, Class of 2000.
Carter Sinclair, Class of 2000.
James Stiegler, Class of 2004.
Erin Thompson, Class of 1978.
Rachel Young, Class of 2008.


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