Sign the ONLINE petition for clean energy

12 11 2012

We now have an online petition! Our goal is to reach 2,500 signatures by next semester so please forward the link and the below message on facebook, email listservs, twitter, or however you want to!

Virginia Tech currently burns 46,00 tons of coal at the campus power plant for steam heat and power. Yes, the campus needs to be powered, but there are alternative energy sources which would be safer for the students, more sustainable ,and move Tech towards a more innovative and modern future.

Dormitory rooms by the coal plant are contaminated with coal dust everyday. Do you want students to be exposed to serious health problems from dust inhalation? VT coal comes from underground and mountaintop removal mining in Kentucky. Do you want VT to support the destruction of beautiful mountains, valuable ecosystems, and people’s homes and communities? Climate change is causing severe droughts, storms, and altering ecological processes right now. Do you want VT to keep fueling to climate change with carbon intensive coal?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, support our movement by signing this petition and encouraging Tech to Invent a CLEAN Future.

Thank you for your help,

Beyond Coal and Greenpeace at Virginia Tech

Petition link:




2 responses

3 12 2012
John Dasteel

46,00 tons? Really? Is this supposed to be 46,000 or 4,600?
Does anyone reread these before posting them? What are you sources?

4 12 2012

John, members from Beyond Coal and Greenpeace have taken three tours of the campus coal plant in the last few years and that is where we get our facts about the plant operations, coal sources, waste facilities, etc. At every tour we’ve taken Byron Nichols, manager of the plant, has told us that the facility burns 43,000-46,000 tons of coal. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. The plant provides 8-10% of our campus electricity and the rest of the campus steam heat for hot water, heating, and dining halls to wash dishes. That tonnage may change for this fiscal year since the plant burned only natural gas from mid spring to late summer. -Kara Dodson, Beyond Coal

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