Why follow a dying source?

15 11 2011

Coal is on its way out. That’s for sure. Not only is it a non-renewable resource, meaning that we’re going to eventually run out, the industry isn’t as powerful as it would like you to think. Certain politicians say that coal drives the economy and that regulations ruin industry, but that’s simply untrue.


Coal stockpiles are going down. Jobs in the industry have been steadily decreasing, with or without environmental regulation. Yet people continue to cling to the past, wanting to support coal until the end. I wonder about this. It seems so antithetical to the traditionally American entrepreneurial spirit that champions innovation and new technology. Rather than adapt and evolve to the novel technology available, why are people supporting old, dirty coal?


Why would I have clung to pagers and beepers when cell phones came out? Why use a typewriter when the personal computer is more convenient? Who still watches VHS tapes when DVDs and Blu-Ray are better?


The coal industry isn’t a burgeoning business. It seems doomed to failure, so why do we not do something before we destroy even more land and hurt more people?




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