A terrible spill

1 11 2011

There’s awful news. A large coal ash bluff collapsed today, pouring coal ash into Lake Michigan. There’s now a 120 yard long debris field, leaving a fuel sheen over the lake. The Great Lakes are considered one of America’s greatest natural treasures, yet our government has allowed this disaster to happen, refusing to allow the EPA to regulate coal ash. How much toxic contamination of our waters are we willing to take? Mercury in fish is already a concern on the national radar — how many times have you been told not to eat too much tuna? Yet the number one reason for mercury poisoning in the waters is coal production. Water is the ingredient most necessary for all known life forms to exist. Why is it that we’re willing to discard important elements of the Clean Water Act and pollute this sacred resource?


Especially when alternatives exist. This article shows the practical promise in solar power, often considered “not feasible” as an energy resource by critics and pro-fossil fuel advocates. The costs of solar are decreasing, making it more and more viable as a common energy source. Let’s get behind renewable energy now — before more damage can be done!




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