Green Jobs Coming to VA!

25 10 2010

The US Green Energy Corporation will bring 372 jobs and invest $30 million in the Danville area during the next three years. This fledgling manufacturing company provides clean energy jobs for solar powered energy generation which stimulates the economy while protecting the environment. Green Energy designs and makes “affordable and aesthetically pleasing electric generation systems” which are sold to distributors and dealers.


US Green Energy Corp moves its headquarters to Danville, VA


The efforts made by businesses, county and city leaders, public institutions and citizens to bring clean energy are necessary to reduce our regional, state, and national fossil fuel dependence. Through our unified efforts we can restore an environment that supports healthier lifestyles and futures. We can create sustainable jobs that don’t disappear after  a mining deposit is depleted or are replaced by Superstores.

Support local businesses and renewable energy efforts in your community today. Research the costs and benefits of installing a solar panel on your house. Try biking or walking to work or school a few times a week. Find out where your electricity is produced and if you want to support that source.




One response

19 05 2011
Joey Williams

The Virginia Alternative and Renewable Energy Association (VA-AREA) is comprised of over 60 alternative and renewable energy developers, contractors, installers, energy related organizations, energy providers and associated companies/firms who are working in partnership to enact pro-growth public policy to expand Virginia’s renewable energy industry, create jobs and attract investment while helping make Virginia the energy capital of the East Coast. I highly recommend checking out their website on alternative energy in Virginia.

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