Join the Coal Ash Day of Action!

6 02 2010

U.S. coal-fired power plants generate over 130 million tons of toxic coal ash annually, and dispose of the toxic coal ash without any federal regulations. Most of these sites lack adequate safeguards and leave nearby communities at risk from potential large scale disasters, like the massive coal ash spill in Tennessee. Communities are also at risk from gradual but dangerous water contamination as coal ash toxins, such as arsenic, selenium, mercury, and cadmium seep into drinking water.

In response to the 2008 coal ash disaster in Tennessee, the EPA moved quickly to submit draft regulations to the White House Office of Management and Budget for review, but now the coal industry is putting intense pressure on the White House to stop or weaken the rule.

We cannot afford further delay.

Help Sierra Club give the Obama Administration the public support it needs to move the process forward and protect hundreds of communities across the country from the hazards of toxic coal ash!

Click here to let President Obama know you support coal ash regulations!




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