Sign the ONLINE petition for clean energy

12 11 2012

We now have an online petition! Our goal is to reach 2,500 signatures by next semester so please forward the link and the below message on facebook, email listservs, twitter, or however you want to!

Virginia Tech currently burns 46,00 tons of coal at the campus power plant for steam heat and power. Yes, the campus needs to be powered, but there are alternative energy sources which would be safer for the students, more sustainable ,and move Tech towards a more innovative and modern future.

Dormitory rooms by the coal plant are contaminated with coal dust everyday. Do you want students to be exposed to serious health problems from dust inhalation? VT coal comes from underground and mountaintop removal mining in Kentucky. Do you want VT to support the destruction of beautiful mountains, valuable ecosystems, and people’s homes and communities? Climate change is causing severe droughts, storms, and altering ecological processes right now. Do you want VT to keep fueling to climate change with carbon intensive coal?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, support our movement by signing this petition and encouraging Tech to Invent a CLEAN Future.

Thank you for your help,

Beyond Coal and Greenpeace at Virginia Tech

Petition link:


Pie the Plant Success!

22 10 2012

117 petitions collected and 53 pies thrown at the “coal plant” (thanks Chris and Eric for being the plant!)

CT Coverage of Coal Oct 15

22 10 2012

Dean Seal with the Collegiate Times wrote a fairly balanced and succinct article on the current political discussions around coal mining and use in America. The current “War on Coal” is a political attack from mostly Republicans on the EPA and Obama Administration. While coal prices have increased and production from Central Appalachia decreased, market forces are the main driver of coal’s recent downturn. Natural gas, extracted using hydraulic fracturing which is increasingly cheaper, is dominating the energy market.

Even here at VT the campus plant has only used natural gas in 6 months – that’s 6 months without burning coal! So, it’s clear to see that there are ways to heat buildings and keep the lights on without coal. Beyond Coal does not endorse natural gas because of its environmental and social costs, but, we recognize it as a transition fuel for renewable energy that carries a substantially lower carbon footprint. 

For more info on the coal market trends: +

CT article:


17 10 2012

Today! Wednesday Oct. 17 Beyond Coal and Greenpeace at VT will be on Drillfield 12-2 where you can learn about the VT coal plant and possible clean energy alternatives… Then you can step up to the plate and toss a pie at the “coal plant” (someone dressed as coal!).

See you there!

EARTH WEEK 2012. greening VT the fun way.

11 04 2012

It’s that time of the year! There are dozens of Earth Week events, but, here are the Beyond Coal highlights:

Tuesday April 17

11-3 PM Biomass Bar-B-Q on Drillfield… stop by our table to see how clean woody pellets burn and learn how this new fuel can move VT past dirty coal. Field games and other fun provided

5:30 PM Hokies Love Mountains Rally with guest speaker Chuck Nelson. Show your support for our majestic Appalachian Mountains and get involved to END mountaintop removal coal mining. 

Thursday April 19

7-8 PM FREE Urth show Hendersen Lawn (across from Moe’s). Listen to some free jams and celebrate Earth Week!

Saturday April 21

Community Day is all day at the Farmer’s Market! Buy local veggies and crafts, volunteer with Beyond Coal, and learn about dozens of other environmental groups in the area.



Green Speaks

21 02 2012

Mark your calendars!!!

Green Speaks :: A Clean Energy Speaker Event

hosted by: Beyond Coal & Greenpeace at VT

Saturday March 17th, Virginia Tech campus Squires 341

11-12 Adam Hall, with Keeper of the Mountains, will discuss the tragedies of mountaintop removal coal mining in WV and how you can join the fight.

12-1 Carter Chamberlain, VT student, will present on his research comparing basic efficiencies between renewable and conventional energy sources.

1-2 Christina-Alexa Liakos, Greenpeace Coordinator will discuss the cradle-to-grave life cycle of coal and how it is destructive to human health and the environment (coal ash, waste disposal, water waste).

2-3 A local presenter (TBD) on renewable energy alternatives such as wind, solar, and LED energy; costs, efficiency, net profit, benefits, and setup will be covered




Spring 2012 Meetings!

7 02 2012

Join the movement for clean energy and come to a Beyond Coal at VT meeting!

We meet Tuesdays 7-8PM in Torgersen 1020.

Meetings include guest speakers, organizing events, researching alternative energy options at VT, and having a good time. Check us out and see how you can help transition VT from coal to clean energy by 2025.